Supporting Creative Events for New Audiences 

We are seeking applications to the REACH fund! The REACH fund provides funding of up to £500 to support marketing or artists costs for confirmed events taking place in Barking and Dagenham. The aims are to:

  • Enable promoters of arts events to more effectively market their events to NEW audiences in the borough.

  • Support community events organisers to strengthen the artistic content of events through help with commissioning artists.

In both cases, in addition to the financial support of up to £500 from the REACH fund, the CBD team will provide advice and support with marketing for new audiences and commissioning artists.

We want to support:

A) Marketing costs for arts events which

  • Are likely to be of interest to local audiences

  • Are ambitious and have the potential to give people a high quality arts experience

  • Need support with finding the best ways of marketing the event to new audiences

B) Artists costs for events which

  • Are likely to attract large numbers of local audiences (minimum 100+)

  • Need support with presenting a quality arts experience at the events

Please read this information before applying to the REACH fund. The decision making criteria is also included in this document. Take a look at the projects below for an idea about the applications that have previously been successful!


Please contact Sophie on or call 020 8594 7136 for any questions about applying. If you require the application form and information in a different format or to complete the application in a different way please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Download the form here: Word // PDF

The decision-making panel meet to consider REACH applications. Panel members are Cultural Connectors – local residents who make decisions about how the Creative Barking and Dagenham funding is spent and what takes place during the programme.


Natalia Lema – Storytelling Creative Sessions

Several workshops took place at Dagenham Library between April and May 2019, open to adults with their children. Many of these families have children with EAL (English as an Additional Language) or mums who struggle to find free activities in our community. Some of these families have moved into the borough recently and are looking for support to integrate, especially having young children and wanting them to have some learning opportunities.

Barking and Dagenham Somalian Women’s Association at Excel Womens Centre

Barking and Dagenham’s Somalian Women’s Association has received £500 from us to assist with their marketing and artists activities. Awarded February 2019, the event took place during the refugee week, 17 - 23 June. There were Batik classes for children and adults and a film screening about autism .

BDYD’s World Food Day

We have awarded £500 Barking and Dagenham’s Youth Dance (BDYD) to use in their marketing activities, in February 2019. The event took place on Saturday 23 June 2019 at the Broadway Theatre, and its aim was to promote BDYD and their services – using world food as a social reason to gather the local community. There was an open supper table for people to try new food, meet local people and find out about BDYD.


We have given £500 to the World Cinema Festival to support their marketing activities and to get new audiences to the festival. The festival took place on Saturday 22 June and Sunday 23 June at London East, the site of the new film studios in Dagenham.

I am a woman and this is my legacy - Laura I Art Gallery

An open call to local artists was made to participate and showcase their work as part of this exhibition celebrating women in the borough, nationally and internationally.

Bluebird Pictures - World Cinema Film Festival

The very first Barking and Dagenham based World Cinema Film Festival took place at The Broadway on 16th June 2018. Showing the winning films that had been submitted from local, national and international artists celebrating the cultures that make up this brilliant borough. With a panel of established directors, actors, DOPs and more sharing experiences it offered audiences something completely new in the borough.

UKON Careers - BArking Carnival 2018

UKON Careers brought their Carnival back to the Barking Learning Centre on the 14th July 2018 showcasing traditional characters from carnival as well as costumes and outfits for audiences to try on. In the lead up to and on the day UKON lead a whole host of creative workshops including traditional steel pan drumming sessions giving everyone, young and old, a chance to try something new.

Eastbury Manor House – “Let’s Do the Time Warp”

Eastbury Manor House put together an exhbition of artwork created by local schools and groups, with the help of local arts facilitators, on the theme of the 1960’s, to celebrate Barking and Dagenham’s 50th anniversary. They applied for Reach funds to support them in their launch event, which also had a 1960’s theme, with a 60’s cover band. Reach also enabled Eastbury Manor House to get a graphic designer to create a poster and a postcard to advertise the event.

Mums Can Dance Too – “50 Years”

MCDT organised a show of dance and performing arts in conjunction with BDYD, a youth dance organisation from which MCDT evolved. The event showcased street dance from older female participants from all walks of life, with choreography taught by professional dancers. MCDT applied to Reach to enable them to create high quality marketing material to promote the event.

Progress Project – International Day of Disabled People

The IDDP is a community event that celebrates the achievements of people with disabilities. The event featured a performance from SweetChix (supported by the Reach fund) at a disco for young people and families, to provide them with an experience they might not have access to normally. Reach also supported the Progress Project with their advertising costs, as well as making their documents for the day accessible to all.

Create London – The opening of The Idol at the Abbey Leisure Centre

The Idol is a permanent sculpture and soft play centre designed by Turner Prize-nominated artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd. The opening event featured activities for local families, speeches, and a performance by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd (supported by the Reach fund) to mark the occasion.

UKON Careers -  Carnival Fun Day

The Carnival Fun Day was an introduction to all aspects of the carnival world for children and families. This included workshops on music, costume making, the background of carnival, and also featured performances for audiences to enjoy. UKON asked for support from the Reach fund to help with the costs of facilitators and materials for these workshops.

Farida Mohamed – Fashion Fun Day

The Fashion Fun Day at the Barking Learning Centre was an event created in partnership with fashion organisation Maidie Create. The event featured a fashion through the ages runway show, interactive workshops, live music and performances, as well as the opportunity for attendees to try on historical clothing. The Reach funds were used to hire a photographer to take pictures of people on the day, both of the event, and of the fashion show.  

Sharlene Carter – I am B.A.D. Part Two

I am B.A.D. Part Two was a dance showcase which took place at the Broadway Theatre. Sharlene decided to put the event together with a group of colleagues in response to the lack of dance showcasing opportunities in the borough. The showcase featured several dance groups. Reach supported this event by providing funds for a graphic designer to produce a programme and eflyer, paper flyers, posters, and t-shirts for the street team promoting the event.

Bath House Barking – The Library Sauna Official Opening

The Bath House, based in the Barking Learning Centre, is a creative hub for health and healing to take place through complimentary therapies. The introduction of the sauna was a cause for celebration, and the event also showcased the work of local mandala artist Uroosa Rasheed, whose work features prominently in the Bath House. The Reach fund supported the Bath House in paying for artist materials for Uroosa, and marketing the event.

Step Up Aid – Kaziukas Fair 2015

The Kaziukas Fair is a large annual Polish and Lithuanian folk arts and crafts fair dating back to the beginning of the 17th century. This event was the first of its kind in the UK. The Reach fund provided support towards costs for performances from professional dancers and singers.